Clear Acrylic Display Case with Black Base 1/8" Thick, a lightweight acrylic material. . This acrylic display with black base allows you to display your items in an attractive way. These acrylic displays are ideal to use in retail, trade-shows, museums, and galleries. The black base allows you to display your products in a stylish and aesthetic way.Maintain visibility with this clear acrylic display while protecting your items. Handcrafted from the highest quality of acrylic material.

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  • Durable- 1/8" thick lightweight acrylic material
  • Transparent-customers can see all items on display 
  • Secure- Clear acrylic box sits on a stepped raised black acrylic base, that lets you move your display from place to place, while keeping items secure.
  • Safe-polished all around for safe handling
  • Custom sizes available
  • Custom in house laser engraving and UV printing available
  • Various colors available