Plexiglass Laboratory Custom Cover with Laser Cut Holes

This acrylic.laboratory box was custom designed with  laser cut holes to the top where special pipes will be inserted for a mixture of gases within the interior .

Acrylic boxes are ideal to be used as containers  to meet the specific needs and requirements of laboratory applications. The characteristics of acrylic material being transparent and made out of plastic gives the advantageous properties of clarity, chemical resistance and versatility of customization for laboratory settings.

Common uses for acrylic boxes in laboratory settings are: chemical containment, sample storage , observation, environmental chambers, displays, protection from contaminants, custom experimental set ups and much more! 

It's essential to note that while acrylic is a suitable material for many laboratory applications, it may not be suitable for all experiments or processes. We offer Lexan material for higher resistance to chemicals, temperatures and pressure.

We can manufacture many custom designs and offer a variety of selection an acrylic box size, shape, thickness, laser engravings, laser cutouts and UV printing.

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